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Turning Nature into Art

In these transient modern times of plastics, man-made fibres and disposable items we sometimes find ourselves lacking in permanence and stability. Wood as a natural and durable material is an ideal substance to decorate our homes and offices with. Here at Celtic Woodcraft we create hand-turned wooden furnishings, which are as solid and long lasting, as they are beautiful and unique. The variegated nature of timber and the fact that each item is hand-turned on a lathe means that each piece is completely individual.

Our artist Eddie Comey has worked with an amazing variety of timbers from our native Oak and Ash to the more exotic Zebrano and Mahogany. He has crafted pieces as diverse as a large Monks bench to intricate and delicate wooden pens. Click here to find out more about his work.

On this site we have presented a selection of Eddies work in our gallery pages. Here you can find some of the bowls, furniture, pens and clocks he has created.

If you have any comments or queries about the items and information presented here or about our website please do get in touch with us.


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e-mail: celticwoodcraft@comey.ie